Acura BOSCH 1000cc EV14 Fuel Injectors OBD2 D16 D15 D Series Honda Civic Integra

4pcs Bosch 1000cc ev14 Fuel Injectors with plug and play adapters to suit OBD2 Honda/Acura Engine. Listing is for a set of 4 Bosch ev14 1000cc fuel injectors to suit 0BD2 Honda/Acura engine. PLEASE VIEW VEHICLE COMPATIBILITY GUIDE BELOW. Injectors are high impedance so no resistor box/injector drivers necessary. If your vehicle is fitted with

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Acura Honda Civic RSX K20 K24 R18 K20z1 K20z3 K24a4 2000cc Bosch Fuel Injectors

2200cc Bosch Fuel injectors for all K20 and K24 Honda/Acura Engine. Looking for a larger injector to support your big horsepower goals? Listing is for a set of 4pcs Clean Injection BOSCH ev14 2200cc ev14 fuel injectors to suit the Honda K20 and K24 Engine (PLEASE VIEW VEHICLE COMPATIBILITY BELOW). The injectors will fit the

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