New 50hp Bosch Injectors In My 5 9 Cummins And Inspect For Cylinder Damage


+50HP (set of 6) Performance Injector Nozzles for Dodge Cummins 04.5-07 Sac

Performance SAC nozzles (made in Italy) add approximately 50-60HP to a stock truck. THESE WILL FIT BOTH OEM style and the new “STAINLESS” style injector with the new updated nozzle seat. Performance boxes/programmers will increase that amount = 550HP with a hot tuner and turbo. New copper crush washers. Does fit the new stainless steel

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50HP Performance Fuel Injector Set for 03-07 Dodge Cummins 5.9L Diesel (1006)

UPS Red & 2 day available at checkout. All orders with core charge, you must call before item ships. 6 – Remanufactured Performance Injectors NEW Bosch Control Valves & Nozzles in EVERY Rebuild. WE WILL NEED YEAR OF TRUCK WHEN YOU CALL TO SECURE CORES. WE CARRY A FULL LINE OF DODGE CUMMINS PARTS. We

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