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Bosch CR Hochdruckpumpe 0445010008 für Mercedes C200 C220 CDI W202 W203 CL203

Bosch CR Hochdruckpumpe 0445010008 für Mercedes C200 C220 CDI W202 W203 CL203. Austauschangebot (Verkauf im Tausch gegen Altteil). Bei Rückgabe des defekten Altteils, wird Ihnen die Kaution zurück überwiesen. Siehe Pfandregelung unten in der Beschreibung für mehr Details. The deposit will be paid back after we receive your old defective car part. Please read core

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4 Genuine Bosch EV14 60lb 630cc fuel injectors R52 R53 03-07 Mini Cooper S 1.6L

Et of 4 New Genuine. Bosch EV14 60lb/630cc fuel injectors 0280158298. Genuine unmodified factory Bosch injectors made in Germany by Bosch. Bosch part number , Bosch serial numbers on injectors. Medium size Bosch EV14 injectors , 48.5mm O-ring to O-ring dimensions. These are bigger size injectors then factory injectors , great for modified cars ,

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30LB UPGRADE Set Of 8 Fuel Injectors For Corvette Camaro Mustang 5.7L 5.0L 4.6L

30LB UPGRADE Set Of 8 Fuel Injectors For Corvette Camaro Mustang 5.7L 5.0L 4.6L. This is a replacement for your old fuel injector with a new superior 4 Nozzle spray pattern and. 30LB’s of pressure. This injector will increase your throttle response and Horsepower over the old Fuel Injector. This is a direct fit over

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Motor Man 1996-2000 GMC 7.4L MPI Upgrade Fuel Injectors Flow Matched Set of 8

Reconditioned Bosch Fuel Injector Set. We guarantee these units to work perfectly in your application! The Bosch 0280155746 have been tested against the Rochestor. 17109596 & 17113221 fuel injectors and prove to be a prefect injector to use in your 7.4L engine. These Bosch injectors feature a 4 hole disc design for superior atomization. Will

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Mercedes R107 W124 W126 W201 BOSCH OEM Fuel Injector 000 078 56 23 SET OF 8

Auto Parts at Wholesale Prices. Specializing In All Foreign Cars – From Germany to Japan – Bumper to Bumper. Mercedes R107 W124 W126 W201 BOSCH OEM Fuel Injector CIS. FOR CARS WITH CIS INJECTION Set of 8. Mercedes Part # 000 078 56 23. Bosch Part # 0 437 502 047. 0 437 502 047.

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These Injectors Are As New. They Have Been Set Up By Specialist Diesel Technicians. Each Has A New Bosch Nozzle. They Are Calibrated To Perfection. I Will Include An Addressed Envelope. So You Can Send Your Faulty Injectors Back. Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Injector. Is a symptom of a bad. A faulty fuel injector

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Best Price 12ohm 30lb Injectors Ls1 Lt1 Gto Mustang Camaro Corvette Firebird

2017-02-24 12:46:07. 2016-10-15 18:51:45. 2016-08-29 16:20:29. 2016-08-17 01:01:15. 2016-05-01 18:12:28. We are the only one that supplies deadtime pulse width data sheets with our injectors, most other sellers do not know this data and expect you to figure it out own your own, which can take a long time tuning. I also have injectors for

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Ford Focus 2.5T RS ST225 Genuine Bosch 550cc Fuel Injectors Full Set of 5 NEW

Bosch Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) provides the basis for a cleaner and more economical engine generation. At the same time, it contributes to the current engine downsizing trend. Static flow rate at 3 bar, medium N-Heptane [g/min]. OE supplier, provides exact flow and original spray pattern for optimal performance. Enhances a homogeneous and lean-burn combustion.

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3.9L 4.0L 4.6L V8 Range Rover Upgrade 30lb 30# Genuine Bosch Fuel Injector Set

Not for stock use. This set is a direct fit, the only difference is higher flow rate for those looking to modify their engines to produce more power. 8 Fuel Injector Per Order. Generation II Bosch Fuel Injector specs. Mobile device users, switch to “classic/desktop mode” to view AND verify compatibility in vehicle fitment chart.

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Siemens 80lb/hr Fuel Injectors Fit EV1 Bosch Audi Ford Turbo 1.8T 2.3L Racing 4

Wholesale Distribution Available for ALL TRE Products! These injectors are IN STOCK, on our shelves. You will receive a Set of 4 BRAND NEW Bosch style EV1 plug, tall, skinny Siemens injectors, exactly as pictured. This makes these injectors very well suited to turbocharged and supercharged applications that see high fuel system pressures. We have

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