4x 850cc fuel Injectors FIT Bosch for AUDI A4 B5 B6 1.8 TURBO TT QUATTRO VW GOLF

4 850cc high performance fuel injectors (fit BOSCH). MODIFIED AND FLOW MATCHED TO. Set of 4 Upgrade for. VW Golf, Passat, Jetta IV 1.8 T. Ford Focus Zetec 1.8 2.0. BY KSM Motorsports to confirm the flow rates, system balance. (3 bar) Min 29psi Max 100psi. GT850 Motorsport Injector (with GENUINE KSM Internals). Top &

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6 fit Bosch 850cc Fuel Injectors for BMW E36 E46 M50 M52 S50 M3 TURBO 60lb 62lb

6 850cc high performance fuel injectors fit BOSCH. Set of 6 Upgrade for. Any BMW E36, E46 or other BMW 6 cylinder engine with Bosch EV1 or EV6 style injectors. Ford Falcon BA XR6 Turbo. Ford Falcon BF XR6 Turbo. Ford Falcon EB-EL MPFI. Holden Commodore VN to VY Supercharged V6. Any Ford models using

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4x BOSCH 0280158123 Einspritzventil für PORSCHE 911 997 3.6 Turbo + GT2 + GT2 RS

Statischer Durchfluss bei 3 bar, Medium n-Heptan g/min. Referenz-Nummern – nur zu Vergleichszwecken. BOSCH – 0 280 158 123 / 0280158123. PORSCHE – 997 605 132 00 / 99760513200. PORSCHE – 997 605 132 01 / 99760513201. PORSCHE – 997 605 132 02 / 99760513202. Kostenlos & schnell per DHL / DPD. Wir beraten Sie

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Bosch DOES NOT, I repeat DOES not sell injectors in Bulk packaging. It comes in a sealed Genuine Bosch box with a protection code that you enter to this website protect. Bosch. Com… Each injector comes with a separate code. Look at our photos. Set of four (4) new BOSCH EV14 – 2000cc/min fuel injectors.

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Toyota Soarer Chaser Supra 1JZGTE 1JZ BLK Turbo bosch 1000cc Fuel Rail Injectors

1000cc Bosch Fuel injectors, High Flow Fuel Rail Conversion Kit and Plug & Play Injector Adapters for 1JZGTE engine!! Looking for bigger injectors for your high powered 1jzgte engine? Listing is for a complete set of 6pcs 1000cc Bosch ev14 Fuel Injectors for the 1JZGTE motor. The injectors are flow tested and balanced to insure

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Set 6 x 1000cc fuel injectors for AUDI 2.7 Turbo C5 S4 A6 Allroad fit BOSCH EV14

6 x fit Bosch 1000cc fuel injectors – Comes with FREE pigtail connectors. These are Genuine injectors and properly built by KSM Motorsports. They are used in many performance and racing applications and are available from 310cc to 1600cc. Set of 6 Upgrade for. 2001 – 2005 AUDI ALLROAD (2.7 TWIN TURBO ONLY). 2000 –

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4 x 1000cc Fuel injectors for Mitsubishi EVO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 4G63 Turbo

Add To Saved Sellers. 4 x 1000cc Fuel injectors for Mitsubishi EVO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 4G63 Turbo. 1000cc Top Feed Fuel Injectors – PLUG IN KIT for EVO and VR4 4G63 Turbo. 11mm top o-ring (direct fit into factory fuel rail). Bosch EV1 type plug (plug in for factory

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New ID1050X fuel Injectors, AEM 340lph pump 07-19 Subaru WRX STi 2.5 H4 turbo

Et of 4 New. Injector Dynamics ID1050x [1065cc , 100lb] high impedance EV14 fuel injectors , ID part number 1050.48.11. 4 and 1 AEM 340lph E85 fuel pump. Direct fit , plug and play wiring adapters included for 20 07-2019 Subaru WRX STi with 2.5 H4 turbocharged engines. Maximum Differential Fuel Pressure. 7.0 Bar (101.5

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Bosch 980cc 1000cc 1100cc Fuel Injector EV14S 3/4 suit FG XR6 Turbo E85 Safe 6

Bosch 980cc 1000cc 1100cc Fuel Injector EV14S 3/4 suit FG XR6 Turbo E85 Safe – 6. Genuine Bosch 980cc / 1100cc E85 safe EV14S 3/4 length Top Feed Fuel Injector. These are excellent high flow fuel injectors for any 3/4 length application where E85 compatibility is required. Genuine Bosch product supplied by Raceworks in clam

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6 NEW Bosch EV14 60lb 630cc 60# fuel injectors 2.7TT turbo Audi B5 S4 A6 allroad

All our injectors are vigorously tested. Then we check for leaks, inductance- resistance. Spray, idol, dynamic and static cc/lb flow match. Every one says they test their injectors this way. But do they ever show you the videos as I have below. We use the same procedures as all the expensive companies. But dont charge

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