Dual 340LPH inline EFI fuel pump 8an 10an bosch 044 style external -8 e85 inline

CLEAN INJECTION TWIN PRO-SERIES 340LPH FUEL PUMP. The CLEAN INJECTION PRO SERIES TWIN 340lph High Flow, High Pressure Fuel Pump is designed for high performance naturally aspirated and forced induction EFI vehicles. It utilizes the industry popular Bosch 044 dimension. Fuel pump comes with -10AN inlet and -8AN outlet male fittings for easy installation on

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Dual AEM 50-1005 380LPH -8 an8 8an 6an -6 an6 Fuel Pump 3L surge tank 044 bosch

Clean Injection Pro Series Dual Pump 3 Liter Surge Tank with Dual AEM 380LPH Fuel Pump Kit! Clean Injection Pro Series surge tank is design for drag racing, track, and drift cars looking for a easy, clean, and reliable way to add the extra fuel needed to support the high power demands. During hard cornering

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