Fuel Injection Pump Working Principle Animation


Bosch Fuel Injector Nozzle Bosch Parts Injector Nozzle 0 433 271 266 Dlla140s56f


5x Genuine Bosch 42lb Green Giant Fuel Injectors 42 lb/hr Turbo Volvo 440cc T5

5x Genuine Bosch 42lb Green Giant Fuel Injectors 42 lb/hr Turbo Volvo 440cc T5. Authentic Genuine Bosch Green Giant Injectors. Quantity 5 for 1 price! We have tested those before and they are junk. 1 out of 3 were defective and the ones that tested fine failed after 6 months of use. They will just

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Generalüberholt Einspritzpumpe VW T4 2.5L TDI 074130115BX 0460415983 AUF AXL

VW T4 2.5L TDI ACV. 074 130 115 B / 074 130 115 BX. Bosch 0 460 415 983. MOTORCODE VW BUS T4 2,5 TDI. 102 PS: AJA ACV AUF AXL AYC AYY. VW BUS T4 2,5 TDI : 88 PS AJT. MOTORCODE VW LT 2,5 TDI. 102PS AHD APA ANJ BBE BBF AVR. VW

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BRAND NEW BOSCH’83-’88 6.2l Diesel Fuel Injectors 6.2 GMC Chevy injection pump

This listing is for a set of 8 BRAND NEW BOSCH fuel injectors for a 1983 to 1988 6.2l Diesel engine. These are considered the long FINE threaded injectors. The picture of the individual injector is for reference only, the one in the picture is a Delphi, but is physically identical to the bosch. THE

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Comparison Of Real Bosch 42 To Chinese Knockoff


Set of 4 Siemens Deka 630cc 60lb Fuel Injectors EV1 VW Audi Bosch 1.8T E85 new

A set of 4 new Siemens Deka style 630cc high Impedance fuel injectors. Use for super street or racing applications: Domestic and Import Ford, Chrysler, GM, BMW, VW, Audi, Mitsubishi, etc. CAR and some imports with EV1 electrical connection. Standard Long Length 60mm 0-ring to o-ring. Static flow rate : 6 0lb/hr = 630 cc/min.

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8 Flowmatched TRE 80LB EV6 Short Stubby Pico Fuel Injectors Fit Bosch Siemens

Wholesale Distribution Available for ALL TRE Products! NEW TRE Flow Matched 80 LB/HR Fuel Injectors. These injectors are IN STOCK, on our shelves. You will receive a Set of 8 BRAND NEW Short/Stubby/Pico EV6 skinny injectors. The injectors are matched to have only a 1-2% variance, which means you know that you are getting accurate

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8 NEW Bosch 60lb 630cc fuel injectors Dodge Chrysler Jeep Hemi 5.7 6.1 SRT8

Et of 8 New OEM GENUINE. Bosch EV6 60lb/630cc fuel injectors 0280158298. Comes with dead times & data spread sheet for software. No one else gives you this. 60lbs/hr; 630cc Bosch EV14 16-hole Split-cone angled Nozzle part #. This fuel injector has 4 center holes with 12 additional holes evenly-spaced and radiating around the outer

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BOSCH Set of Four Fuel Injectors For x4 2.0 VW CCTA GTI GLI Jetta EOS Tiguan CC

BOSCH Set of Four Fuel Injectors For x4 2.0 VW CCTA GTI GLI Jetta EOS Tiguan CC. PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING. Please review our interchange above in the compatibility table to verify proper fitment of your vehicle. Keep in mind interchange tables apply only to American Market vehicles. If you live outside of the USA

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