Bosch Automotive Piezo Diesel Injectors


Injector 03L130277 0445116030 03L130755A 03L130851AX 0445010507 2,0 TDI VW AUDI

BOSCH & DELPHI DIESEL SERVICE. (overhauled according to BOSCH regulation with original BOSCH parts / you get qualitative parts in comparison other high pressure pumps in the net are mostly outdated with China parts, since BOSCH supplies the spare parts of these pumps only to BOSCH Authorized Diesel Workshops). Copper gaskets and O-rings. The repair

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SIEMENS DEKA LOW IMPEDANCE 220LB FUEL INJECTORS (set of 4). 220LB/230CC, EV1 PLUG, 14.5mm O-RINGS. SIEMENS PART # FI11242 110333. EV1 / BOSCH / JETRONIC TYPE CONNECTOR. Coil Resistance: 2.27 Ohms. (low-impedance / low-z injector, ECM peakd/hold driver may be required). IF YOU NEED INJECTOR ADAPTERS, WE WILL INCLUDE THEM FREE OF CHARGE. Coil Resistance:

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Genuine Bosch 210lb 2200cc 210# fuel injectors 11-17 Mustang GT Coyote 5.0 dohc

Bosch 210lb 2200cc fuel injectors 0280158843 Factory Genuine unmodified Bosch injectors made by Bosch in Germany. Bosch part number , Bosch serial numbers and Bosch logo stamped on the injector. Direct fit for 2011-17 Mustang GT , Boss302., 60mm o-ring to o-ring , injectors have EV6/EV14 electric plug. High resistance [high impedance] , no inline

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6x BOSCH 1000cc Fuel Injector Set-up For Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE Twin Turbo

PEC Australia is a family-owned and operated Australian wholesaler and online retailer of automotive parts. We have been servicing the industry for over 10 years and in this time have built a reputation based on quality, trust and great service, which keeps our customers coming back time and time again. With a continuously growing product

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4 Genuine Bosch 0280158117 EV14 EV6 550cc Fuel Injector USCAR Factory Flow Match

NEW Genuine Bosch 52LB/HR Fuel Injectors. These injectors are IN STOCK, on our shelves. You will receive a Set of 4 BRAND NEW Bosch injectors. Included: (4) Genuine Bosch 0280158117 fuel injectors. These High ResistanceApprox. In addition, these units are high-impedance. Despite the high flow rate these units are high-impedance, plus they are linear and

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5 x 650cc fuel injectors for FORD FOCUS MK2 2.5T RS ST Fit BOSCH EV14 High Imp

5 x fit Bosch 650cc fuel injectors – Comes with FREE pigtail connectors. These are Genuine injectors and properly built by KSM Motorsports. They are used in many performance and racing applications and are available in 550cc, 650cc, 850cc, 1000cc, 1200cc, 1400cc. Set of 5 Upgrade for. FORD FOCUS MK2 2.5T RS ST. Overall Length:

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Injector BMW 0986435359 0445115050 0445115077 779272104 7792721 7808094

The injector is supplied with sealing ring (copper) + test report. The sealing rings on the shaft & on the return are also included. We take deposit for the old parts. This means you have to pay. 50,00 EUR / Injector. The old part must be complete, without external damage and in a reusable condition!

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Lifetime Warranty Flow Matched Genuine BOSCH 12-hole Fuel Injector Set UPGRADE

8 – Flow matched Genuine BOSCH fuel injectors per order. 12 Hole Nozzle / Tips – Increase Performance! Plug and Play – Can be used as stock replacements, no tuning required! As pictured, connector a dapters included! Mobile device users, switch to “classic/desktop mode” to view AND verify compatibility in vehicle fitment chart. Reconditioned in

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4x Fuel Injector 0445110146 1.9 Opel Vivaro Renault Trafic Traffic Dti 820027389

4x Fuel Injector 0445110146 1.9 Opel Vivaro Renault Trafic Traffic Dti DCI. The description of this item has been automatically translated. 4x Fuel Injector 0445110146 1.9 Opel Vivaro Renault Trafic Traffic Dti 820027389. 4 x AT injector incl. Copper sealing ring + O-ring + BOSCH test report supplied. Opel Movano Opel Vivaro Renault Laguna Renault

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